Parking on campus must be free for all workers and students.


Parking on campus is a scam. The obscene prices that universities charge to park on campus is a way to extract money out of students with no benefits and functionally pay workers less. It only costs $460 to park in one of the three “neo-Georgian” parking decks or in Zone 1 “premium option” parking. If you live on campus or want Zone 2 “premium option” parking, it’s only $390. If you can’t afford either of those, the university has your back with a $290 spot in the park and ride lot across the street from the university. Don’t worry, there are no sidewalks to campus but there is a shuttle. And of course, there is no guarantee for a spot with any of these options.

You need a car in Wilmington. There is very little public transportation and many roads don’t have sidewalks. By charging these insane prices for parking spots, the administration makes it even more difficult for poor students, especially those from racial, gender, and ability minorities, to go to college. This is just another way the university is able to soft-segregate the university, increasing the ever-growing majority of white students.

Furthermore, by charging those who work at the university to park, the administration can functionally pay workers less. This insidious method of lowering pay makes the lives of workers on campus even worse. Not only are workers of all kinds harshly underpaid and underemployed, but they must also give back a portion to the university for the privilege of driving to work. All workers: janitors, food service workers, lecturers, and graduate students, and all students must have free parking on campus.

The UNCW Young Democratic Socialists of America calls upon the university administration to abolish parking fees on campus for all workers and students.