(Pictured above: actual screenshot from Absolute Proof, where Mike Lindell describes the threat from “Communist China.”)

Update to the story: According to the Wall Street Journal, Dominion Voting Systems, the makers of the voting machines Lindell alleges contributed to the election result is suing the MyPillow CEO for more than $1,300,000,000 in damages due to “defamatory statements” made by Lindell on television and in his documentary.

The most recent conservative “documentary” making the rounds online and probably on your parents’ Facebook is the self-funded, loosely-based-in-reality “Absolute Proof,” produced and directed by the MyPillow entrepreneur and former crack addict Mike Lindell*. In all seriousness (as much seriousness that can be afforded to a documentary that is literally just lies), the pillow inventor/political firebrand is at it again, wrapping up his insane political beliefs with some very confusing and probably incorrect math, leading to the conclusion that Donald Trump won the 2020 Presidential election. Since this documentary is not really worth watching for yourself, we have decided to review Lindell’s breakout film, as it does bear some significance in the context of national news. This piece will be the first installment of our new series of articles reviewing conservative documentaries, books, and films, called “Sickos and Cranks.”

“…this documentary is not really worth watching for yourself…”

For our inaugural article in this series we will be reviewing some of Mike Lindell’s arguments and statistics that constitute “Absolute Proof” that Donald Trump was the winner of the 2020 election. Lindell claims that voting machines in several states—notably, only swing states where Trump lost—were hacked by foreign countries and the votes were changed. This is on top of the massive amounts of voter fraud, wherein dead people voted, some people voted twice, and, in the case of Pennsylvania, “Between 80 and 100 self-proclaimed Black Lives Matter-affiliated members have admitted to voting in different states.” Some of the other categories of voter fraud include: “incentivized voting such as vote and get a raffle tickets, cash cards, gift cards, televisions, and more (sic),” “fake ballots driven from New York to Pennsylvania,” and “underage children registered to vote and illegally vot[ing].” While these do seem like serious and grave challenges to our election system to the myopic eye, anyone giving these charts the slightest bit of scrutiny would be able to identify that this is a load of hogwash.

Lindell continues, bringing on a Republican politician, a self-proclaimed “scientist” and “MIT guy” to ramp up the allegations. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, who ran for Senate in Massachusetts in 2020, alleges that in an election he lost 104,782 to 158,590 there were over 1,000,000 votes that were destroyed. A casual observer might note that in an election where less than 300,000 votes were cast, an extra one million missing votes would be almost scientifically impossible. But Lindell is enraptured, and the two of them become increasingly upset about the “fact” that the elections have been rigged for the Democrats against the Republicans. Most people who have not been fully corrupted by partisan brainwashing would reply: “If the Democrats rigged the election, why did they lose seats in the House and barely, just barely, gain the Senate?” This elicits several types of responses from the brainwashed crank: “They wanted to make it seem like they didn’t rig it,” “they’re totally incompetent and can’t even rig an election properly” (which almost holds water), or “Trump is just that powerful; he would’ve won if they hadn’t stolen it.” Any attempts to argue further will rapidly devolve.

This brings us to the question: why did we review this? It’s clearly not worth watching by anyone who has sense. It’s not even that popular. For one, I personally relish the opportunity to get inside the mind of a conservative. But beyond that, something like this, a piece of fabricated fringe media produced by a wealthy pillow baron, is the perfect representation of where the contemporary right-wing is now. From the first minute, Lindell is out of breath, sputtering and whining, appealing to the referees that his party has been maligning since November and even before. While an unsuspecting viewer of this film may indeed be inclined to be convinced by his passion for the cause, it is clear upon review that his claims are truly bogus. Nothing is to be gained from this film except the fact that Mike Lindell will be involved in politics in the next five years, with the most truly rabid fanbase behind him since Trump came down that golden escalator. 

*We here at the Wilmington YDSA take addiction seriously; however, we are concerned, based on the content of this documentary, that Mr. Lindell may have relapsed.

By Hanson Egerland, Managing Editor