(Pictured above: Marjorie Taylor Greene spews COVID into her phone in new video lambasting the Biden admin for… wanting to save lives?)

Welcome back to another iteration of one of our most wholesome projects here at the Port City Socialist: Sickos and Cranks, where we respond to the most dastardly figures in American politics and their foolish content. In this edition, we will be focusing on the deranged persona of Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. A firebrand freshman congresswoman, Greene was elected last year, running in a solid red Georgia district and outpacing more traditional (read: slightly less deranged) Republican candidates, and then stomping her Democratic opponent 75%-25% in the 2020 general election. She has been criticized repeatedly—on the campaign trail and during her brief House tenure—for her (allegedly renounced) support of thoroughly debunked conspiracies such as a Jewish space laser that started forest fires in California, PizzaGate, Q-Anon, Deep-State, and Chinese manipulation of voting machines, the alleged Muslim identity of former President Obama, the Parkland school shooting as a false flag, and a claim the Pentagon 9/11 attack was faked as well. So, a totally normal person with totally normal views. She was also an author of over 80 articles on two blogs called “American Truth Seekers” and “Law Enforcement Today.” Rounding out her incredible worldview, she was also a supporter of executing prominent Democrats and FBI agents. Just all-around a great person to be in Congress.

The specific reasoning for this piece, however, is to highlight one of the more unhinged and just flat out stupid things that she has said recently. In a video posted yesterday, Greene discusses the proposed idea for a ‘vaccine passport’ that would allow businesses, especially airlines, sports stadiums, and large venues to verify that everyone in attendance is vaccinated, ensuring the event is held safely. While anti-vax rhetoric and ideology has long been baked into the pie of American conservatism (with some strains even appearing among liberal crystal moms), Greene extends the religious critique of this vaccination plan even further. She dubs the vaccine passports “Biden’s mark of the beast” in the classic conservative format of front-facing portrait video, which can be seen here via Right Wing Watch. Her deliberate use of bombastic Christian terminology is specifically engineered in order to trigger and activate the scores of conservative Christians who are already skeptical of the vaccine to begin with. 

The real gems, however, come in her explanation of the policy. She elucidates the Biden administration’s goal: “Oh if you’re gonna come into the football game, or the baseball game, or the concert, you need your vaccine passport because we’re trying to do a good job to keep everyone safe.” Yes. That’s literally what they’re trying to do, you absolute loon. She continues: “well let’s analyze that. You see, it’s still the same thing. It’s still fascism.” Putting aside this absolutely unhinged equivalence between holding your citizens responsible for keeping themselves and others safe and the historical governing ideology and aesthetic of right-wing dictatorships such as Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, this is a person who whole-heartedly supported the Trump administration, one of the few modern Western regimes that could be considered fascist. Consistency is key, Marjorie; if you are calling out Biden as fascist, then Trump and his cronies should also be on that list. 

Her greatest lines arrive at the very end of the video. After naming the Biden administration as fascist, she quickly—almost as if she had forgotten to say it—asserts “Or communism.” Disregarding the nominally socialist authoritarian regimes of the twentieth century, Greene draws an equivalence between directives to help end the ravage of a pandemic that has killed over 550,000 people in this country and a system that advocates for a stateless, classless, moneyless society in which resources are allocated between all members of society. Further adding to the bad joke, she goes on: “but it’s in– it’s coming from private companies. So I have a term for that. I call it corporate communism.” I cannot express in words how abysmally stupid this idea is. Communism, by definition, would not feature large multinational corporations that would be able to suppress an individual’s liberty. In fact, the system that we are living under—last time I checked—is global neoliberal capitalism. The entire goal of the system we live in (besides making profits for the owners through exploitation of labor) is specifically to deprive workers of their individual liberty, subjecting them to authoritarian hierarchies at their jobs and squeezing productivity out of every orifice

Greene’s video comes at a time when outrage is building over Amazon’s shocking business practices (including workers peeing in bottles to avoid falling behind) in the wake of a still-undecided union vote in Bessemer, Alabama. If Greene has concerns about the overreach of corporations, she should consider looking into something that would allow workers to fight against the massive companies: unions. But you will notice that Greene’s concerns do not extend to workers. She is merely concerned that she will not be able to go to a football game in Georgia and spread COVID without a care in the world. Characteristic of someone whose entire life has been paid for—taking over her father’s construction company, before owning a gym—Greene can only view this ‘issue’ from the eyes of a petty-bourgeois CrossFit gym owner, never empathizing with workers who may be skeptical of the vaccine. If Greene is so concerned about corporate overreach and the vast amounts of power that corporations have in the current economic order, she should consider picking up a copy of Capital, because there’s a guy named Karl Marx that would like to have a word with her. 

By Hanson Egerland, Managing Editor