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A Project of Utopia: An Interview with Mikkel Frantzen

The left is, speaking generally, in a state of paralysis. Capitalist realism remains the dominant outlook, even –– perhaps especially –– for those who consider themselves socialists. In his Going Nowhere Slow: The Aesthetics and Politics of Depression, Mikkel Krause Frantzen talks about depression as a loss of futurity, a loss of the idea of […]

The Concerning Rise of Anti-Trans Legislation and the Culture War

By Ajay Chakraborty, Contributor “Perversions express rebellions against the subjugation of sexuality under the order of procreation, and against the institutions which guarantee this order” –Herbert Marcuse, Eros and Civilization. This year has seen an unprecedented surge in anti-trans legislation. There have been more anti-trans legislatures introduced in 2021 thus far than in the past […]

The Demiurge and You: An Interview with Matt Christman

What does the future of the left look like? Can we post our way to the vanguard? Matt Christman is on the frontlines of the posting wars every day as a co-host of the most popular leftist—and perhaps the most popular outright—podcast, Chapo Trap House. The Port City Socialist sat down with Christman to talk […]

Chicago’s Refusal to Change: Scenes from the Police Abolition Protests

By Alexander Jordan, Contributor “Chicago has nothing more than theater and drama when it comes to anything that challenges what they know,” a protestor told me at Friday night’s demonstration and march for Adam Toledo, a 13-year boy that was shot dead by the Chicago Police Department a month prior after complying with direct orders. […]

David Foster Wallace and The Ironic Theater of Politics

In his essay “Big Red Son,” the American writer David Foster Wallace provides a scathing critique of the spectacle of the mainstream entertainment industry; specifically he focuses on the absurdity of the Academy Awards. Wallace decries the Academy Awards for their commercialization, lambasting them for setting up the entire show as a means of congratulating […]

A Brief History of Faux Populism: A Conversation with Thomas Frank

Few terms in modern political discourse have been overused –– and mangled –– the way populism has. How did a word that initially meant mass multiracial working class organization come to be associated with right-wing demagoguery? In his latest book, The People, No, historian Thomas Frank sets out to answer just this. The Port City […]

Biden Derangement Syndrome: Sickos and Cranks Pt. 2

(Pictured above: Marjorie Taylor Greene spews COVID into her phone in new video lambasting the Biden admin for… wanting to save lives?) Welcome back to another iteration of one of our most wholesome projects here at the Port City Socialist: Sickos and Cranks, where we respond to the most dastardly figures in American politics and […]

Perception v.s. Reality: The Truth About the Right, Left, and Center

Let’s state the obvious: politics is a messy business. Nowhere has this been more true than in the United States of America. The last four years of a racist, narcissistic, casino-bankrupting, billionaire rapist have demonstrated that and opened the eyes of millions of Americans to the craziness that is our political system. We’ve seen one […]

No Warm Welcome for Jeh Johnson

On Monday, UNCW invited (and presumably paid a hefty speaking fee to) former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to deliver what was billed as a “Moral Leadership Lecture” as part of the Leadership Lecture Series. Former Sec. Johnson’s (virtual) presence in Wilmington should be an affront to anyone who was outraged by kids in cages. […]

Socialism is Democracy

Over the past half decade or so, socialist thought has seen something of a resurgence in the United States. Undoubtedly this is due at least in part to Bernie Sanders’ two presidential campaigns. In the wake of his 2015 run, and the election of Donald Trump, the Democratic Socialists of America saw a massive spike […]

The Treachery of Images: Susan Sontag and Social Media

Published in 2003, just one year before her death, Regarding The Pain of Others was the final work of American cultural theorist and activist Susan Sontag. Seen as a follow up to her famous 1977 work On Photography, Regarding The Pain of Others is a book-length essay exploring the practice of war photography. Sontag examines […]

A Modern Look at the Military-Entertainment Complex

In the mid-1980’s, it was safe to say America had a tentative relationship with the armed forces. The post-Vietnam climate left citizens quick to question the usefulness of the military, and the first whispers of the Reagan administration’s misadventures with Iran and the Contras were just beginning to fly.  That all changed when the high-flying […]

From Destitution to Restitution: Why Student Debt Cancellation Rhetoric Sucks

Crazy right? How could student debt cancellation be bad? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Bernie Sanders, and nearly all progressive Democrats support student debt cancellation. So, who am I to waltz into the conversation and say student debt cancellation sucks? Well, the issue with cancelling student debt is a multi-faceted one. The right loves to complain […]

Nostalgia for Sale

A review of Grafton Tanner’s newest work, “The Circle of the Snake” We live in truly strange times: from the chronic instability of late capitalism, the aestheticized theatre production of politics, the pervasive nature of big tech consuming our lives, and the contradictory feelings of the world burning down around us, yet a sense that […]


Included are several words and concepts essential to understanding socialism and Marxism, or political philosophy in general. Feel free to reach out if we missed anything, or if you dispute our definitions! Bourgeoisie: the class in a society which controls the means of production; the group of people who own factories, corporations, mass production; CEOs, […]

Something’s Rotten in the Marketplace

The “marketplace of ideas” is a libertarian fantasy for discussing opinions. It operates in a fundamentally capitalist form in which “bad ideas will be discarded by the people, and only good ideas will remain.” This is the same principle by which libertarians argue in favor of the “free market,” that somehow consumers will be able […]

The Necessity For The Politicization of Mental Illness

“The depressed person was in terrible and unceasing emotional pain, and the impossibility of sharing or articulating this pain was itself a component of the pain and a contributing factor in its essential horror.”― David Foster Wallace, “The Depressed Person” The late British philosopher Mark Fisher stressed the immense importance of the politicization of mental […]

The 3 Ds of Police Abolition

Defund, Demilitarize, Dismantle In the last year, the issue of police brutality has become a major discussion point in the American media sphere. The murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and others triggered massive protests across the country and the world against racism and police brutality. Any person with a shred of human decency has […]

Joe Biden and the Liberal Politics of Nothing

It has been a little over a month since Joe Biden took over as President of The United States; yet none of the major campaign “promises” from Biden have been realized yet. Despite Biden tweeting just 10 days before the inauguration that we need $2000 stimulus checks, despite encouraging Georgia voters that a Democratic win […]

Absolute Spoof: Sickos and Cranks Pt. 1

(Pictured above: actual screenshot from Absolute Proof, where Mike Lindell describes the threat from “Communist China.”) Update to the story: According to the Wall Street Journal, Dominion Voting Systems, the makers of the voting machines Lindell alleges contributed to the election result is suing the MyPillow CEO for more than $1,300,000,000 in damages due to […]

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