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“One could make an argument that holding politicians accountable for their crimes after leaving office would be beneficial… but then you would be fundamentally misunderstanding the imperial machine.”

– Vigilius HAUFNIENSIS and Johannes Climacus, “An OBITUARY for #metoo”


David Foster Wallace and The Ironic Theater of Politics

In his essay “Big Red Son,” the American writer David Foster Wallace provides a scathing critique of the spectacle of the mainstream entertainment industry; specifically he focuses on the absurdity of the Academy Awards. Wallace decries the Academy Awards for their commercialization, lambasting them for setting up the entire show as a means of congratulating […]

A Brief History of Faux Populism: A Conversation with Thomas Frank

Few terms in modern political discourse have been overused –– and mangled –– the way populism has. How did a word that initially meant mass multiracial working class organization come to be associated with right-wing demagoguery? In his latest book, The People, No, historian Thomas Frank sets out to answer just this. The Port City […]

Biden Derangement Syndrome: Sickos and Cranks Pt. 2

(Pictured above: Marjorie Taylor Greene spews COVID into her phone in new video lambasting the Biden admin for… wanting to save lives?) Welcome back to another iteration of one of our most wholesome projects here at the Port City Socialist: Sickos and Cranks, where we respond to the most dastardly figures in American politics and […]

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